Sponsor Opportunities

The West Coast POP Show provides a variety of opportunities to extend your reach in front of the audience that matters most to you; marketing at retail professionals.

Silver Level Sponsors

10 Available

Categories to Sponsor:

Mobiles, Wire Hangers, Ceiling Hangers

Banner – Non Paper

Poster/Banners – Paper Based

Shelf Talkers & Decals

Counter Displays/Permanent

Counter Displays/Non-Permanent

Complete Storewide campaign

Ad Specialties

Specialty Packaging/Direct Print

Specialty Packaging/Print to Litho Label

Wall Displays

Back Cards, Stack Cards, Case Cards/Wine

Back Cards, Stack Cards, Case Cards/Non-Wine

End Aisle Display/Permanent

End Aisle Display/Non-Permanent

Wine & Spirits Displays/Permanent

Wine & Spirits Displays/Non-Permanent

Pre-packed Floor Displays and Bins

Free-standing/Permanent (Wood/Wire)

Free-standing/Non-Permanent (Board/Corrugate)

Lighted Displays

Motion Displays

Interactive Displays


Gold Level Sponsors

1 Available

Awards Categories to Sponsor:

Best Original Artwork

Best Original Photography

Best Structural Design

POPAI Grand Prize Sponsor


Platinum Level Sponsors

1 Available

Awards for Platinum Sponsors to Present:

Best of Show

Judges Lunch Sponsor


Diamond Level Sponsors

1 Available