The Complete Perspective: Day 1 & 2

If your company’s shopper marketing initiatives just became your responsibility or you simply want to get a broad perspective on all the moving parts, start with this track. Get grounded in the nuts and bolts of how the in-store and shopper marketing industries works so you won’t be mystified by technology or bewildered by the vocabulary. This track offers the overview that puts all the pieces in place.

This track is an intensive two-day course. Day One focuses on the basics of marketing at retail: in-store marketing, shopper insights, and trade practices. Day One attendees will be prepared for the more trend-focused material on Day Two, the Advanced Track.




10:30–11:00 AM

11:00–11:45 AM
Dr. Dan Flint | University of Tennessee
Shopper Marketing: What We Know and What We Still Need to Learn

For years scholars have researched shoppers, shopping behavior, retailing operations, merchandising, consumer goods branding, selling by manufactures to retailers, the role of ad agencies and ad effectiveness, integrated marketing communications, retail supply chains, measurement of marketing effectiveness, methods for conducting shopper research and more. However, not until recently have all of these sometimes distinct areas of focus been pulled together each with high relevance under one umbrella.

12:00–1:00 PM

1:00–1:45 PM
Mark Feldman | DLA Piper LLP (US)
Copyright Law & Intellectual Property

Copyright does not protect styles, but only stops people from copying specific artworks and displays. This session provides an overview of copyright and intellectual property laws that will help keep your shopper marketing programs both unique and protected.

2:00–2:45 PM
Christopher Brace | Shopper Intelligence
Shopper Marketing & Brand Equity: Can Shopper Marketing Build Brand Equity?

Is shopper marketing better suited to build brand equity or leverage it along the shoppers’ journey? In order to answer this question we must understand what it really means to build equity in the mind of a shopper. This presentation will cover the four requirements for any in-store communication to directly build equity so you can best determine if you should build or leverage.

3:00–3:15 PM

3:15–3:45 PM
Dr. Hugh Phillips | Phillips, Foster & Boucher
Compliance Police: Getting Displays Up and In Front of the Shopper

Shopper Marketing Programs are only as strong as their in-store marketing campaigns. Examine new findings around retailer compliance rates and what it means for the entire industry as well as the shopper.

4:00–4:45 PM
Andrew Winter | C&B Display Packaging
It’s All Relative: Bridging the Gap Between Design Speak and Marketing Speak    

One of the common problems design studios face is that our customers are usually marketing people who are focused on the four P’s and how they will benefit from the program, where we as designers tend to focus more on function and form. I will explain how to use the 4 P’s to engage the client using their terminology and create a successful outcome for both the customer and the studio.

6:00 PM
Cocktail Reception


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