Dr. Hugh Phillips

Dr. Hugh Phillips | President
Phillips, Foster, & Boucher Inc.

Dr. Hugh Phillips is an internationally recognized expert on the cognitive psychology of shopping—the study of consumer perception, information processing and decision-making. He holds a PhD on this topic and has published widely; his latest book, The Cognitive Psychology of Shopping and In-Store Marketing is available as an ebook.

Dr. Phillips is president of PFB Inc. based in Toronto and Montreal; a full service agency but especially known for strategy and research. Hugh has worked with leading manufacturers and retailers throughout North America, including P&G, Cadbury, J&J, Coca-Cola, Rona and ConAgra.

Dr. Phillips is an accomplished writer and spent three years as a professor of marketing at Montreal’s McGill University. He has appeared as an expert witness in the US Federal Court, served on a government committee and is a well-known speaker for industry organizations such as POPAI and the Path to Purchase Institute.