Advanced Track: Day 2 Only

So you’re feeling pretty good about your digital strategy? Sure, you’ve had a website for years and it’s all optimized. You’ve metabolized every social channel that has come into the mix and grown communities on all of them. For the parts of your business that demand apps, you’ve got apps — both iOS and Android. In the physical world, you’re starting to dabble in digital out-of-home and have started integrating interactivity into your retail spaces.

Yet, even with all the headway you’ve made, you still can’t quite crack the omnichannel shopper. So what’s the key to reaching the omnichannel shopper? It’s all about awareness, consistency, and tracking. Ensuring that your brand can reach potential and existing customers on every channel consistently. Doing so in a way that’s customized and optimized for each medium takes significant planning, a smart digital strategy, precise execution, and a strong knowledge base.

The advanced track is an intensive one day course (starting on Day Two) that explores how digital technology is influencing the way shoppers shop and the way retailers and brands go to market, both in-store and online.




8:00–8:45 AM
Breakfast & Registration 

8:45–9:30 AM
Mary Westerhaus | Shopper Experience Consultant
Through the Eyes of the Shopper

POPAI’s Shopper Engagement Study provided an enhanced understanding of today’s shopper. Now an in-depth review of the Eyetracking videos from the study participants has yielded new insights that cannot be gained from traditional research surveys or observations. Learn the latest findings from
this groundbreaking project from the expert analyst that viewed over 210 shopping trips from the perspective of the shopper.

9:45–10:30 AM
Caroline Nichols | Cineplex Digital Media
The Rise of ROE

Retailers recognize that positive customer service interactions are indications of success, but as shopping practices shift toward the web, the average customer is coming to expect more from their in- store retailers. Yesterday, customers simply expected quality return policies and widely available clerks. But today, shoppers want interaction and engagement. In order to fulfill these expectations, retailers are turning to digital signage to elevate brands, encourage customer sharing and, ideally, influence sales.

10:45–11:30 AM
Jeff Argus | POS Tuning
Beyond Retail Ready Packaging: Embracing the Trend to Get Ahead of Your Competition    

By the end of the session the audience will know how to 1) implement Retail-Ready-Packaging (RRP) to increase category growth by knowing how suppliers, CPGs and Retailers can partner successfully, 2) improve upon current results by developing RRP in a way that turns everyone in the Value Chain into a market leader, and 3) enhance shopper experience and increase the realization of impulse purchases by implementing the right RRP.

11:45–12:30 PM

12:45–1:30 PM
Emily Peterson | Callahan Creek
In-Store Strategies in an Online World    

While online retail has made shopping more convenient, consumers are still drawn to the experience of walking into a store and interacting with a product. Fulfilling that experience as part of your integrated marketing campaign has never been more important. Peterson will show you how to do just that by sharing strategies for gaining off-shelf display space in support of your promotion or product launch, curating merchandising solutions cross-category to build basket ring and creating online engagement with shoppers to strengthen your brand experience and drive traffic back to the retailer.

1:45–2:30 PM
Stefan Mumaw | Callahan Creek
Based On the Book “Chasing the Monster Idea: The Marketer’s Almanac for Predicting Idea Epicness”

In marketing, ideas are our currency. Most are small, but occasionally we generate ideas that have impact. Then there are the select few that are truly monster ideas, the type that change behaviors, shake landscapes and spawn copycats. What does a monster in-store marketing idea look like? “Chasing the Monster Idea” author Stefan Mumaw will show you. He’ll teach you the seven characteristics you need to look for in your in-store marketing ideas to let loose their monster potential. He will also reveal how to generate in-store marketing ideas that influence buyer behavior and turn consumers into enthusiasts and enthusiasts into advocates.

2:45–3:30 PM
Molly Garris | Leo Burnett, Arc Worldwide
Everything but the Norm: Fighting Shopper Disloyalty    

We will take a look at how brands and retailers around the world are fighting shopper disloyalty with unique solutions, services and strategies.

4:00-6:00 PM
Robert Liljenwall | The Liljenwall Group
Workshop: Applying Your Shopper Marketing Learning 

Join in a case study involving real world challenges that allow you to practice what you have learned with your Masters participant peers. Led by a renowned author, professor and marketing expert, this workshop will help reinforce what was gained in the class sessions while working with others within the industry.

7:00 PM


Did you know that the POPAI University Master’s Program gets you 2/3 of the credits you need to get MaRC-certified? That’s 18 credits out of 27!

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