The Creative Award

What is the Creative Award?

POPAI’s Creative Award is designed to celebrate the creativity of merchandising design and execution separately from sales results and statistics. The annual winner of the Creative Award wins by engaging the creative community and exhibiting excellence based solely on ideation, imagination, and forward thinking.

Award Guidelines

Entries competing for the Creative Award will consist of Gold, Silver and Bronze winners from all categories. Non-OMA winners will NOT be considered. Judging will take place on-site after OMA primary results are tallied and calculated.

OMA winners will be judged against the special criteria established for “Creative Award” and only ONE Creative Award will be awarded in each division.

Award Criteria

Winners should exhibit creative excellence in the following areas:

  • Graphic Design: Does the entry have superior communication visually? Does its use of text and images embrace a range of intuitive skills and aesthetics that enhance the product or service it represents?
  • Construction: Does the entry use innovative technology or creative engineering? Does it enhance the overall execution, support the graphic design and elevate the product or service it represents? • Innovation: Does the entry introduce new print methods or construction technology never used before in merchandising?
  • Impact: Does the entry have stopping power? Does it effect or influence immediate consumer action?
  • Execution of Idea: Does the entry’s vision carry through the production process? Does all innovation and construction technology translate through to its final production?
  • Brand Relevance: Does the entry support the over-all brand communication? Does it spark connection and awareness to the product or service it represents?
  • Overall Execution and Communication: Does the entry consider all the above listed criteria? Do the criteria points support and enhance each other for complete creative excellence?

Judging Process

Judging will take place on site at GlobalShop after primary judging has been calculated. Judges will walk the show floor, view all OMA winners and select their top creative display in each division. Judging format consists of formal creative debate with all the judges against the criteria and objectives set in selecting the Creative Award winners. Creative judges are also judges in the OMA contest.

Judging Panel

A panel of Blue Chip Creative Directors will be assembled from various industry backgrounds with experience in permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary merchandising. If you are interested in becoming a judge for the Creative Contest please contact Tammy Mulcahy at or call 312-863-2916.